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Launching the first hit gives you a big advantage over your competitors. Don’t stay behind.

Languages Learning

Creative writing, storytelling, and learning English and Spanish for everybody.

Business Plan

The one who does not plan already arrived where he is going. The timely planning is your goal.


Make creative decisions in times of crisis, with emotional intelligence. Program (MIDAS).


Educational Research

Make successful qualitative and quantitative research, and publish in scientific journals.


Lead the sector of real estate, services, and consultancies. Sell without selling!

Emotional Intelligence

And positive Psychology will lead you to take control of your whole life.


Real estate and the stock market are the markets that can generate you higher profits.

Milagros Morales

business, investments and Wellbeing!

“I love to couch people about business, leadership, investments, and personal development. My style is being honest, giving practical solutions, and helping people to achieve their goals.”  

I am a researcher, and writer with a Master’s in Business Administration and (Ph.D.) Doctor of Philosophy in Ethical Leadership. I am author of a dozen science research articles and business leadership books. My expertise areas are consumer behavior, leadership, sales, decision-making, crisis management, emotional intelligence, and positive psychology. Additionally, I also love teaching English and Spanish languages

“Working with”

Partnership business
Partnership education business

“Success testimonies”

“Working with Milagros Morales has been a game-changer for my business. Their business coaching expertise helped me gain a deeper understanding of my strengths and weaknesses as a leader, and their actionable insights transformed the way I make decisions.”

Alma Abreu

Ocean View.

“The Milagros Morales personalized guidance and accountability they provided ensured that I stayed on track with my goals. Not only did they help me navigate challenges, but they also empowered me to seize new opportunities.”

Nora Sosa

Inmosolutions Group.


Phone: WhatsApp

Email: info@milagrosmorales.com

Address:  Miami, Florida, The United States.

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