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Milagros Morales – My Story

“I love to teach people about leadership, investments, and personal development. My style is being honest, giving practical solutions, and helping people to achieve their goals.” 

I am a business professor, researcher, and writer with a Master’s in Business Administration and (Ph.D.) Doctor of Philosophy in Ethical Leadership (ST). I am autor of a dozen science research articles and business leadership books. Her expertise areas are consumer behavior, leadership, sales, decision-making, crisis management, emotional intelligence, and positive psychology. Additionally, she also loves teaching English and Spanish languages.



“Under Milagros’ guide I establish success operation, acquire clients and a strong reputation!”

Why Work With Me?

Milagros Morales is an expert in the field of business with over ten years of organizational, educational and research experience.  She is an editorial board member of different scientific universities journals.

Qualifications & Awards

Milagros is a professional and business owner with a long track record of experience related to the business market and consulting area.


  • Accounting
  • Business administration, U.S.
  • Master MBA, U.S.
  • Ph.D. Ethic and Leadership. U.S.

Projects Experience

  • Market Research for sales
  • Consumer Behavior Research 
  • Business and Crisis Plan
  • Decision-making system


  • Top producer in sales
  • For transmitting values and transparency in the service.
  • Order of Merit in Education.

Books & Publications

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Business Book: How to start a business?

Starting a Business

How to Start a Business?

Discover in this book, habits and strategies that will allow you to obtain prosperity and personal well-being, leading your business to success.  

Book: Reinvention Make a creative decision under crisis

Creative Decision-Making

Reinvention: make creative decisions

This book will guide you to make decisions creatively, base on Emotional intelligence and positive psychology, to overcome difficult times.  

Book: the power of know your self

Personal Growing

The Power of Know Yourself

The book’s purpose is for you to discover your life philosophy as a leader and get happiness based on virtue ethics, cognitive control, and self-knowledge. 

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