English / Inglés (Level 1): Guía rápida y frases cotidianas (eBook)


¡Aprende inglés de manera rápida y sencilla con esta guía práctica diseñada especialmente para principiantes! Esta guía es el compañero ideal para aquellos que desean adentrarse en el mundo del inglés de forma amena y efectiva. Esta guía te ofrece una selección cuidadosamente elaborada de frases cotidianas para situaciones que enfrentarás en tu día a día, con ilustraciones divertidas que facilitan la comprensión visual. Desde saludos y presentaciones hasta conversaciones en restaurantes y tiendas, estarás listo para comunicarte con confianza en diversas situaciones.



This book will help you to develop the English language skill that will open multiple doors for you to succeed in a globalized world; for this reason, here I give you some of the most common and important reasons to learn this language:

• Confidence and independence: Learning English will help you build confidence and a sense of independence by functioning in English-speaking environments. It will give you access to various resources such as books, research, and the media.

• Job opportunities: Mastering this language can open new job opportunities locally and internationally. Furthermore, in multinational companies, English is often the working language.

• Academic studies: Many universities and academic programs worldwide teach their courses in English or require minimal proficiency in this language. Learning English allows you to access quality education in renowned institutions.

• Participation in culture: Learning English allows you to enjoy travel, music, movies, and TV shows, providing an enriching experience.

• Personal Connections and Friendships: Mastering English will allow you to make friends and establish deeper connections with people from different parts of the world, which can enrich your personal and professional life.

• Improves cognitive abilities: Studying a new language, such as English, stimulates the brain and improves cognitive abilities such as memory, concentration, and problem-solving.


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